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the third in a series of presentations I did about Creative Writing for students in my school who were interested in it (I’m in the business, so I was asked to talk about the things I’ve learned since my work was noticed). 

I’m willing to send my presentations to those who want them :) apart from this I did one on creative writing in general and one on character crafting. 

I’m also willing to answer questions about what it’s like to work with an editor and what kind of things will be asked of you.   ^____^


EDIT: Okay, so a few people seem to have issues with what I say here. I would like to make it clear that this presentation was made for young/beginning writers, as in really young - a couple of them were only eleven. Therefore I said “winging it = terrible idea” because I’ve been working with these kids, and winging it seems to be their worst enemy. They delve in with no characters, no setting…nada, and it leaves them with a rushed kafuffle that could easily have been avoided. 

These things are what I’ve garnered from working with an editor from Penguin Books, so even if you don’t like the advice - at least consider the fact that she’s been working with authors for a long time, and so she surely knows a fair bit about what works best. 

Feel free to have a differing opinion or what-have-you, but please acknowledge that I am only trying to help. The amount of overly sharp comments has been a source of much grief for me since this was published….

Well this looks helpful.